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This is my little own spotter book. If you like this page or it helped you in any way, please leave a feedback on one of the posts. Your comments and additions to any of the posts are also very welcome.

Note: I started in february 2016 with photography and in february 2017 with this site. Of course, this site is still growing. Since I’m Swiss some parts of this site may be in German.

Why Hotel Bravo?
Every single aircraft in the world has a unique identification number, a so called registration number. For planes registered in Switzerland this registration number always begins with HB followed by three letters or numbers (gliders). In the international (NATO) phonetic alphabet the letters H and B are spoken as Hotel and Bravo. So, from my point of view hotel bravo ise a nice name for a planespotter page focused on Swiss airplanes, isn’t it?

What is planespotting?
Of course, there are different kinds of planespotting. Some aircraft fans just want to see the airplanes and note the sightings. On Hotel Bravo Planespotting Switzerland it’s all about the pictures. I try to photograph as many planes as possible. Some already call me addicted to planes. 😉

Although there are many different registrations (and there will be much more in the future), the main focus on Hotel Bravo always is on Swiss registered planes.